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Experience in the selection of polymer for the innovation and sustainability of materials.


Support in the development of new solutions for packaging in the several commodities sectors.


Teacher in accademic courses and continuing education in the plastic material sector.


The project for the innovative packaging in biodegradable and compostable biopolymer for fresh cheese Stracchino Nonno Nanni (100g) has been honoured with the prize «Best Packaging 2019» from the Italian Institute of Packaging.

Following important success of «Best Packaging 2019» with a biodegradable compostable packaging for dairy products, Marco Scatto has achieved a double goal thanks to a realization of the project «Ecopiping Bag». The prototype realized introducing a new vision and a new concept of bottle for skin care, has won the prestigious award of «Best Packaging 2020» in the section Quality and Design.

Etickpack 2021 storie di successo

The Eticpack project has been awarded the “Best Packaging 2021” prize by the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio.
It is a new packaging for personal care products made of material derived from post-consumer recycling of multilayer packaging.

Technological scouting of the most performant polymeric foams for the thermal insulation of cryogenic tanks where propellants are stocked. Characterization of polymer foams from mechanical, thermal and aerothermodinamic point of view.

Worldstar winner 2022 Marco Scatto

Ecopiping Bag, the container for skin care products with an innovative shape and concept, was the only Italian project among the winners of the international competition World Star Awards 2022. First held in 1970, it is now the world’s most prestigious award in the packaging sector. ECO PIPING BAGS was once again the winner as it revolutionises the way of conceiving cosmetic packaging, both in terms of materials and design.

Logo WorldStar Awards

WorldStar Award 2023

Ecoallene®, is an innovative material derived from the recycling of polylaminates (plastic-aluminium) from food and beverage containers known as ‘tetrapaks’. It won the international World Star Awards 2023 for Italy.
With Ecoallene® (a patented production process), UNIFARCO produced a cosmetic jar and cap using injection moulding technology.



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