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The choose of the best packaging is extremally important. It can increase the product attractiveness and thus affect to the willingness to buy the product. Packaging is as important as the product itself.
The determination of material that characterize the packaging is an important aspect and for this reason my activity is involved in:

  • Study and analysis of the performance requirements of the packaging
  • Worldwide technological scouting of materials and suppliers
  • Support to the development of a prototype during the design of an innovative packaging
  • Support during industrialization phase of an innovative packaging

Since February 2022 Marco Scatto has been appointed Senior Advisor for “The Italian Institute for Packaging” – Plastics Section. The team is composed of super experts, with senior skills, recognised in the market, in the regulatory and testing area and in the materials and technologies area.

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Marco Scatto Senior Advisor
Best Packaging 2020 Marco Scatto
Marco Scatto with UNIRED partners obtains the Premio Best Packaging Award 2020.