The travel toward a sustainable economy represents a revolution that will influence our way of doing business for the next decades. Packaging materialsplay an important role in this context: packaging materials have undergone deep transformations during the last few years, and will continue to change and adapt to an evolving environment. The challenge for the future consists in maintaining and improving the current performances with innovative and more sustainable solutions. Europe is deeply involved in the transformation, also due to the strong drive exerted by the European Green Deal, but the effort is global, and it is worth learning from experiences in other parts of the
Professionals in the packaging sector require increased expertise, creativity and need to be supported by continuous investments in R&D and in knowledge. We have conceived this event to deepen some of the hottest topics in
packaging innovation towards sustainable solutions. In these two days we will broadcast a series of speeches addressing in depth packaging design, regulatory landscape, innovative solutions in Europe and elsewhere, aiming at providing the audience with state-of-art expertise in these fields, and help to navigate the complex though exciting field of innovative and sustainable packaging materials.

Packaging & Sustainability. Function-like and Safety-mode
25-26 gennaio 2022
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